Thetford Gallery on 7th July has been moved to 14th July.
We apologise for any inconvenience; the range was required by other users.

Euston photos.jpg

Does anyone out there have some nice, varied (and ideally high-res) images taken at our recent Euston shoots please?
I need a selection to go on the relevant range page but haven't been able to get along there myself yet.
If you do, please ping them across to Jon:


Suffolk County Rifle Association - Long-range F-Class Matches. Saturday 11th August 2018

Full details are contained in the following two downloadable documents:
Regs (PDF)
Entry Form (Word)


Please be aware that the meeting point for all STANTA shoots has changed.

Everyone must meet at the Lynford Stag picnic site and then all ALL LEAVE TOGETHER TO GO ONTO THE RANGE AT 8.30.

The Lynford Stag picnic area is about half a mile (nearer Mundford) from our old meeting point.

It is fairly well tucked away on the side of the A134, here (MAP), so slow down in good time!

As with our previous arrangement, we leave in convoy. Please do not drive onto STANTA alone if you are late.