Dates for Euston, the second of Grove's new ranges are now on the Club calendar. Euston is available to us each month from February to July inclusive. Details are on the calendar, including GPS coordinates.

Our first date there is 24th February from 9.30 a.m., shooting commencing at 10.00. We begin at 25m and progress back each hour until 100m at noon. Then the afternoon is 200m and 300m, as arranged on the day.

Remember to bring your FAC, as you need to enter serial numbers etc. on the range log.



Saturday salesperson for Riflecraft in Harleston, Norfolk.

Knowledge of shooting essential, sales experience preferred.

Full training will be given in sales systems and protocols.

Hours 09:00 - 14:00

Please email details and CV to:



Regrettably, Barton Rd is no longer available on this date.

Barton Rd's 400-1200 yard firing points will be unavailable until early in January 2018.



12th November

10th December


Grove Range Booking Officer, Ceri Jones, says:

"The Home Office is consulting on a prohibition of 50 BMG and “rapid fire” rifles.

Whilst this may directly impact only a small number of Grove members, there is a principle involved. There is very little evidence, if any at all, to justify such a prohibition.

If this moves forward as the Home Office intends (and if the wider shooting community expresses little concern because it doesn’t directly impact the majority) then it will set a concerning precedent for the future. How long will it be before S1 shotguns etc. are considered a risk to national security if they, to quote the consultation “fall into the wrong hands”.  Equally, 300 Win Mag may be considered a risk due to its long-range capabilities. Extrapolate this further, and will a 308, capable of reaching 1000 yards be seen as too great a risk?

Let’s get people mobilised and responding to the consultation."


Here are the results of the fullbore competition shoot between members of King's Lynn St Michael and Grove Small Arms.


Thanks to all who took part and to those who carried out Range Safety duty.



Good news - we are obtaining access to a new range at Stowlangtoft and possibly another (to be announced).


We will have access to the Stowlangtoft range on the fourth Saturday in September, October and November.

This range will open at 9:00am and shooting will commence from 9:30am. Shooting will cease at 4:00pm and we will be off the range by 4:30pm.
There is no calibre restriction at Stowlangtoft, but the 4500joules 1000m/s rule will apply.

Stowlangtoft has five lanes up to 100yds and the 100yd firing point is within a building, equipped with three bench-rest tables and two prone firing points.  There are no tables or chairs outside the building, so if you need a table and/or a chair to shoot from you will need to bring your own.

Shooting will commence at 9:30am fromthe 25yd firing point, moving back to 50yds at 11:00am. From 1:00pm, we go to the 100yd firing point.
The range fee will be £5 and members may arrive at or leave the range at any time.

Location: off the A1088 Ixworth Road, IP31 3JU, TL 947689, 52.284258 – 0.85302830.  The postcode will take you to the track leading to Lime Kiln Cottage. The entrance to the range is on the right hand side of the track, as you leave the highway. These details and a map link will be added to the range page in due course.



Please be aware that, from December, the meeting point for all STANTA shoots has changed.

Everyone must meet at the Lynford Stag picnic site and then all ALL LEAVE TOGETHER TO GO ONTO THE RANGE AT 8.30.

The Lynford Stag picnic area is about half a mile (nearer Mundford) from our old meeting point.

It is fairly well tucked away on the side of the A134, here (MAP), so slow down in good time!

As with our previous arrangement, we leave in convoy. Please do not drive onto STANTA alone if you are late.