WWII American GI replica cartridge cartons

For your consideration are these museum-quality, 'empty' reproduction cartons, ranging from .45 to .50 BMG calibre.  
These cartons are a must for any G.I. re-enactor, military vehicle enthusiast, collector of WWII G.I field gear, or target shooter.
What better way of displaying your cartridges? And if you buy live or reload your own, then what better way to take you ammunition in authentic looking boxes along to the range?

All my cartons are hand-crafted and made to the dimensions of the original wartime production cartridge boxes, using thick card. Paste-on labels have an authentic feel and will colour-age in time.

Lot numbers are copied from original photos or from private collections, these can also be matched to a particular lot if you wish.
Prices range from £2 up to £6.

Thanks for looking!

For any enquires, please contact me through email in the first instance.

James Campling: judejames357@outlook.com

Renewed: 9/6/18